Flying Above All………….

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June 27, part II


Like I said, we were wrong.


As usual, up at dawn, exercise (not as much today, after all….it’s my birthday!), breakfast, and headed to airport earlier than usual. We exchanged the usual banter on the way, assuming that we would have another morning of sitting.


Preflight done, trailer checked, and as I always do, I ran a set of sample calculations for loads based on projected temps through the day. That way, if in the heat of the moment of dispatch, I come up with a number that is strangely different, then I have a benchmark to say to myself, “whoa, better redo that!”.


The couch, as always, called out Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me (part I)

“Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me….”



Well, it’s been an interesting couple of days….I write this early am on the 28th, but I figure that we might as well make it a birthday week…celebration started before I left Mississippi, when my kids threw a “party” for me at the hangar…sort of a combination Father’s Day and birthday all rolled up into one. I finished up at Vicksburg, and on Wednesday the 25th left out of Vicksburg in the company Baron, and landed at Cochise County airport in Willcox, AZ.


I was the “relief” for our chief pilot, for the 26th and 27th. (Under our contract, after 12 days on duty, there is a mandatory 2 days off…our company sends Continue reading