Flying Above All………….


Last Flight of The Day

Late in the afternoon, on my last load of the day, with enough fuel to safely make the trip, I headed north. The other SEATs had either had to stop for fuel, leaving them with insufficient time to fuel, get a load of retardant, and return to the fire.

The air was smooth. The smoke column was stable, and the ridge that we had been “painting” was acquiring its red coat along the spine.

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Fifty Years Vanished….

She vividly recalls begging for airplane rides.  Bubbly laughter, curly hair, skinny little legs.  Best of all, she didn’t weigh much.  West Texas in July was hot, density altitude was high, and the performance of the ancient Cessna 140 wasn’t stellar on a good day.  Reduced weight was a bonus.

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“Is This Our Car”?

Time had changed things. The once-vivacious personality had quietened. The sweetness had not faded. She leaned on my arm as I walked her down my sister’s drive, and she peered at the automobile with a bit of confusion. The car that she and my father had purchased less than a year ago sat waiting. It was the only car there….

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