Flying Above All………….


The Mighty 802


I’ve been lucky enough to fly a bunch of different airplanes. My first plane was a Cessna 140, the “fanciest” one that I’ve ever owned/flown is a P51 Mustang, and I’ve had a great time flying a lot of different “family haulers”. My kids still talk about different planes we had, times we flew, and places we saw.


Our SEAT is the Air Tractor 802. Genealogists would have a great time tracing the family lineage…from Leland Snow’s first creation of a “crop-duster” in South Texas back in the 50s, to his move Continue reading

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Oregon On Fire



Oregon is on fire. Fires have names. “Kitten” (innocent sounding, for such a nasty fire). “Black Butte” (sounds more like the fire it was…off a butte, down in a canyon, burning in between lava rocks). I never knew lava would burn (of course, the lava isn’t burning, but the vegetation that is in between the rocks does. Brogan (I always think of my Grandad’s shoes), Juniper (now there’s a fire name that sounds Continue reading

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The Only Constant is Change

The Only Constant is Change:



This last trip to relieve on the fire fighting planes proves the old adage. In fact, it’s interesting to me that I finally ran across an activity, and a group of people, that changes as fast as I do. I’ve driven family and friends nuts for years because I could/would/had to change plans “on the fly” (yes, the pun was intended). I’ve now met my match.


Tuesday the call from the Chief Pilot (hereinafter “the Chief”) said that maybe Continue reading