Flying Above All………….


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Welcome to “”.  This will be a repository of “stuff I write”.  You are welcome to comment, but remember….general nastiness and meanness will not be tolerated.   Unless, of course, I am the one being nasty and mean…(it is my blog, after all).  You are also welcome to ask questions (which I may or may not answer, depending on my mood).


Currently, I am in Chester, CA, sitting on fire call.  So far today, the biggest event is eating a couple of large trout caught by the SEAT base manager this morning early.  From happily swimming in the lake, to being lunch, was only a few hours. 



Author: planedoc

Having survived the medical world for a few decades, I'm pursuing flight, firefighting, wrench turning, and enjoying my family. I have a passion for "warbirds" specifically the P51 and T-6, the Corsair, and do airshows in those planes. I fly "The Mighty 802" fighting wildfires, and have a great time in my SX and Husky. Oh, yeah, I occasionally show up at the hospital and pass gas.

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  1. This was lovelyy to read


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