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You Gave Me a Gift….


The voice was cheery.  “Xxx Aviation Insurance!”.  You could hear the exclamation point.  For many years, she answered the phone with the same cheerful tone.  As my business with them increased, and my travels spread, she would conspiratorially whisper “Are you in the Witness Protection Program?” when I would call from a landline number that wasn’t familiar.  My cell number would get an enthusiastic greeting by name.


Details were tiny “whack-a-moles” to be dealt with.


These were ambushed successfully, quickly, and flawlessly.  Many times she would track down a number, deal with a problem, get the message to the right person quickly.  As far as I know, she never aspired to more than the “front desk” job…but she was a bright, friendly voice each time. I never saw her anywhere but behind that desk, efficiently doing her job.


Not long ago, I made a visit in person.  A new person was in her chair.  The boss quietly told me she had inoperable cancer.  He had graciously continued her paycheck, and sent her home to be with her family.


Two days ago, her boss called me.  Becky had passed away in the night.


Becky, in the years I knew you, you never spoke a cross word to me.


You gave me a gift.  The gift of kindness.



Author: planedoc

Having survived the medical world for a few decades, I'm pursuing flight, firefighting, wrench turning, and enjoying my family. I have a passion for "warbirds" specifically the P51 and T-6, the Corsair, and do airshows in those planes. I fly "The Mighty 802" fighting wildfires, and have a great time in my SX and Husky. Oh, yeah, I occasionally show up at the hospital and pass gas.

3 thoughts on “You Gave Me a Gift….

  1. You inspire me to be more kind. Thank you for sending this one. Condolences to Becky’s family.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Oh my goodness, I had no idea she was sick. Ms Becky was always so kind, friendly and helpful. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

    Blue Skies and Tailwinds…..


  3. An amazing tribute, to what sounds like an amazing woman. Cheerful and efficient people seem to be increasingly rare in today’s world, it’s nice to give tribute to one who did it right.


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